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Tai Chi Classes in Hilton Head

Feel great while learning a new skill.

Clear, Easy to Follow Instruction at

Nominal Charges

Improved Balance, Flexibility and Strength.

Achieve Harmony, Unification and Serenity.

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Hilton Head Plantation
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What is Tai Chi ?

It is an exercise system that consists of several linked movements, performed slowly and continuously, in tandem with controlled breathing techniques, based upon a philosophy of achieving harmony, unification and balance.

In fact, Tai Chi means “Great Balancing”.

The Tai Chi continuous movement contains 60 positions.

The class is designed to build on new positions each week and reinforce learned positions. The full “form” can be learned over a 6 week class with each session lasting 1 hour.  Open to men women.

Better balance, pain reduction, greater mental acuity, stress reduction, mood improvement and a healthier heart.


"Tai Chi was a curiosity and seemed simple.  Then I realized how challenging it was to my Balance, Breathing and Memory.  Practice makes perfect and I am feeling the results.  Thank you for sharing it with us."


- A. Z. - Hilton Head Plantation

"I have been amazed from the first day of Tai Chi at the Cypress that I found unexpected strength and endurance to participate and benefit from the full hour session.   Gordon’s guidance and description of movements are clear and easy to follow so that I feel successful in the practice of Tai Chi to acquire improved balance and confidence in walking.
Thanks for your generous gift to us of your time and skills that have benefited our health and feelings of well-being!"

- P. H. - The Cypress

"Having been introduced to Tai Chi by Gordon Fair, I appreciate his patience and thoroughness in explaining the many aspects of Tai Chi: balance, breathing, coordination, strength development and meditation."

- J. T. - The Cypress

"Gordon, Just wanted to let you know how much that you have helped me with Tai Chi lessons.  I have seen improvements in my balance and energy levels.  Just feel all over better health.  I believe it's related to the breathing techniques.  More oxygen in my body.  As you know, I have had Parkinson's Disease for over 18 years now.  What a blessing this has been for me.  Thanks so much for the Tai Chi lessons!!"

- C.C.G - Indigo Pines

"I love the calmness Tai Chi creates for me. I feel "in the moment " and completely involved in what I am doing. Physically, it stretches and strengthens, improves balance and gets me to breathe more deeply. I plan to practice regularly."

- M.S - The Cypress


Mike Paulmeier

(843) 836-6160

Moss Creek Plantation

Suzanne Brown

(843) 689-7018

The Cypress

Therese Williams

(843) 342-2222 x109

Bayshore Club

Chrissy Kristian

(843) 681- 8800 x226

Hilton Head Plantation

Class Instructions



Loose fitting clothing, comfortable shoes (preferably tennis shoes and not flip-flops or sandals), water bottle.




Please consult with your doctor prior to enrollment if you have a health condition.

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